Week 4 of C2-5K

This week got off to a good start. Decided to look back over the weight data in the health app, and noticed the graph/chart was going in the right direction, even if only modestly, but it was enough to give my motivation a little booster. However, my blood pressure readings are still about the sameContinue reading “Week 4 of C2-5K”

Week 2 of C2-5K completed

The start of week 2 got me thinking about setting some SMART goals. I’ve been reading that here in the UK the number of times the C25K apps have been downloaded during COVID-19 has gone through the roof. And because the media attention, there has been additional focussed on those who have completed the programme,Continue reading “Week 2 of C2-5K completed”

Another attempt at Couch 2 5K

I gave the Couch to 5K a try a year or so back. I say “try” but it wasn’t much of an attempt. I was ill prepared and gave up all too easily. But during COVID19 lockdown, I have been thinking a lot about my cycling which whilst I am enjoying, I am just notContinue reading “Another attempt at Couch 2 5K”