Week 4 of C2-5K

This week got off to a good start. Decided to look back over the weight data in the health app, and noticed the graph/chart was going in the right direction, even if only modestly, but it was enough to give my motivation a little booster. However, my blood pressure readings are still about the same place as they were before C2-5K. I am not sure how quickly most people start to see a difference when it comes to blood pressure changes, when they make lifestyle changes. I hope to see some improvement soon. The other thing that has been a little inconsistent, has been my sleep data. My heart rate dip has been pretty good, but I am tending to wake up quite early which I am surprised at.

Day 1 of Week 4

The first day of Week 4 was a bit of a gruelling run. The weather was humid, I was a bit tired even before getting out. And compared to the end of week 3, the running sections felt much longer. I even got to the point where I was arguing with the app voice coach!! Beyond that, there wasn’t much else to write about. Having seen others write about their experiences of C2-5K, I knew everyone is seems, will have at least one bad day during the programme, and today it was my turn.

Day 2 of Week 4

Today, was such a vastly different day from my last run. Today was the awesomest of the lot. All down to shiny new running shoes. It’s been over a decade since I last bought some trainers, and the technology, design, materials have all come on leaps and bounds. I can’t believe how light as a feather they are, and how they fit, and how cushioned they are! And I was like Speedy Gonzales. The only downside to today’s run, is that I forget to take my bottle of water (I had filled it up, but then just left it on the kitched table). My mouth was so dry by the time I got home. I will try not to make that mistake again!

Day 3 Week 4

Whoop! Whoop! Halfway through the programme. And to mark the occasion, I decided to go for a completely different route. Instead of running little laps around the cemetery, I decided to go around my local park a few times. Williamson’s Park is a beautiful Victorian town park with landscaped gardens, woodland, tearoom, follies etc. It’s very, very popular with runners. It wasn’t my fastest of days, but that is due to the hills. The cemetery that I normally run in, is very flat. I hadn’t realised how hard it is to run up (and down) hills. However, today was glorious weather too, so that helped lots. 4 more weeks to go, and then the big 5K with no walks, just running!! Top tip, there are loads of different armbands to carry a phone or mp3 player. I have had a couple in the past, but I am so glad that I have the Quadlock one. I have used Quadlock mounts for my bike, so it seemed natural to go for the armband too. Easy to use, and less hassle that a traditional pocket style phone carrier strapped to the arm!

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