Week 1 of C2-5K completed

It’s official. Already on my second attempt of doing the whole Couch 2 5K run, I have beaten my previous attempt at completing the programme! I do feel more determined this time though, and I am much more prepared.

I have to admit that the second day of week one, was a bit of a psychological challenge. I did what I was supposed to do after the first run, which was to have a rest day. The thing that took me by surprise was that after my first run, I didn’t feel any aches. I felt I had run, and walked, etc. but I didn’t ache like I expected. That didn’t last, the following day I ached in places I didn’t remember ever aching. But I thought that the aches would completely go, ready for the day two run. However, when I woke up, the aches were still there. I googled (not normally a good idea, but actually, I found some really good advice on several websites, and they were all consistent in that advice). The advice being, try doing day two still, but take it slowly, and if the aches and pains are too much, stop the workout and try again another day. Don’t see it as failure. With that in mind, I gave the day two run a go. Besides, I had created a new playlist, and I wanted to test it out (which is the weirdest motivation I think I have ever had).

Day 2 Week 1

So, with my running gear on (which was my old New Balance trainers, a pair of old Altura track pants/tights, and a long sleeve sports top, with my Quadlock arm band) I set off. It was a horrible day, with a severe weather warning for strong winds and rain, but I seemed to dodge the most of the showers.

Not the most encouraging weather forecast!

I remembered to start Strava off at the same time as the C25K app, and I started off at a brisk pace for the 5 minute warm up. Then the call to start the run came through, and away I went. I remember thinking it was strange, the aches just seemed to pretty much vanish. The rain came from time to time, and was welcome, as it was a humid day. The Day 2 session seemed to fly by, and came to an end, just as there was a massive downpour. I was really excited, proud even, that I had equalled my previous, and only “attempt” at C25K.

Day 3 Week 1

This morning I woke up raring to go. It was overcast, but forecast to get warmer and sunnier later, before turning to rain again. With the weather forecast being the way that it was, I decided not to run straightaway and get out in the garden. The lawn needed mowing (the weather had been too wet for over a week, and it was growing at a rate of knots, so I took advantage of this window of dry weather). Lawn looking (sort of ) okay, I went and changed into running gear. I had in the earlier part of the week ordered some specific running shorts. The shorts I used on Day 1 were okay, but they were some leisure beach shorts, and didn’t wick very well. I had also found my old running t-shirt from donkeys years ago, and whilst it was, erm, a little small, it was a much better technical shirt to run in.

Everything was ready, the apps, the music, me. Off I set, doing the 5 minute walk again. The sun had come out, and it was beating down, and I was glad I had a runners water bottle with me (so I thought). Off I set, doing the different repetitions of walking and running. I felt a lot slower today, partly due to the heat, and partly just from the accumulative effect of the week of running. It turned out the water bottle was pretty useless, it was supposed to be one that you squeezed, but it came out as a dribble! I was initially not enjoying this session, but I was determined to complete, which is what I did. And I got a little boost, I looked at the Strava data, and compared it do day 2. Already, I was seeing gains in speed! Fantastic. I can’t wait to start Week 2. Just trying to decide when that should be. Technically, 3 days from now, but I could just do the two days rest as normal. Decisions, decisions! I also need to consider what to do on my rest days. Got to rest the legs, but if you have any tips or advice, let me know.

My cool down track! Pure Trance!

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