Strava, Garmin, Wahoo, Apple! Where am I going wrong?

Garmin Edge 830 & Wahoo Tickr

As part of my 5 Ways to Wellbeing, I am now finding myself using more and more technology to track my performance and fitness levels. However, I am still very much an amateur when it comes to using the technology.

Having had suggestions from readers of my blog, I decided to get a Garmin Edge 830 cycle computer, as using an iPhone apparently isn’t the done thing! That said, I have really liked using my iPhone and Apple Watch along with apps Komoot, Strava, and Cyclemeter, and with the technology of my cadence sensor and my Wahoo Tickr. When I use this combination, I get really good data when I view results on Strava.

However, when I use my Garmin Edge with Strava and Wahoo Tickr, I never appear to get my HRM stats!

Above is a screenshot taken from my Strava app showing a ride I did yesterday, where I used my iPhone to track my ride. The one of the right is from a ride a few days ago, where I used my Garmin Edge. I have a paid Strava account, so I am not sure where I am going wrong!

Anyone got any suggestions where I might be going wrong? Please post suggestions in the comments box.

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